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In fact, the new Mighty Dump was initially assigned to Tonka's Regular series.

Tonka Loaders

The first Mighty rolled off the assembly line in March In , the Mighty Dump, now model , was one of three trucks assigned to the newly created Mighty series being joined by model Mighty Clam and Mighty Mobile Crane. As the series aged, new models were developed and added and older models were deleted. In , the look of the original design changed when the SCUFF-GUARD front bumper, grille and headlight bezels were all formed in a single chunk of plastic replacing the individual components. Not only did the Mighty series continue to grow in the mid 's to early 's, it seemed like most any toy manufactured by Tonka was a sure hit.

The manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Mound expanded to meet the demand. But all was not as rosy as it may have appeared to most Tonka employees. In the early 's, Tonka needed to do something to remain competitive. That something was to reduce labor costs and to that end manufacturing and warehousing was moved from the midwest to the southwest.

Juarez, Mexico would take care of smaller series like the Mini Tonka. In , prior to shuttering the Mound manufacturing plant however, they began running the next generation Mighty Dump. It was slightly smaller and had a more updated, modern look. Was the company going to be able to maintain their high quality, workmanship and in general, insure that the knowledge of toy truck manufacturing would not be lost?

Mighty Tonka | Tonka Toys | Mighty Dump | Packaging | Custom

Tonka El Paso could not miss a beat. They were in random order with their area of responsibility: Leif Sundlie - steel stamping; Frank Whittaker - inventory control; Virgil Pehle deceased - steel subassembly; Gary Quast - finished goods distribution; Ben Harder deceased - truck driver; Roy Larson deceased - truck driver; Verne Larson - plant manager; Ron Eikanis - plant maintenance; Miles Thayer - production control; Sally Swanson - raw materials buyer; Melinda Johnson - final assembly; George Hill deceased - plant maintenance; Art Rognass - injection and blow molding; Keith Baillif - injection and blow molding.

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Once production lines in Mound stopped running, 6 additional Mound employees transferred to El Paso. Betsy Wetzel - bill of material maintenance; Dick Stefanic - final assembly; Jim Fisher - raw material planning; Tom Murphy - buyer steel ; Nancy Quast - material information system and Janette Rognass - material information system. With key personnel in place, the hiring and training of the Tonka El Paso workforce began. After initial start up jitters subsided, Mighty production soon maxed out.

Dating building's former occupant, the Streater Tonka, had made and patented several toys. Mighty was not interested in dating toy business so they approached Mound Metalcraft. The three men at Mound Metalcraft tonka they might make a good side line to their other products. After some modifications dating the design by Alvin Mighty and the addition of a new logo created by Erling Eklof based on a University of Minnesota drafting student's sketch by Donald B.

Olson who later became the company Chief Industrial Engineer; with the Dakota Sioux word "Tanka" or Tonka, which means "great" or "big" , the company began selling metal toys, which soon became the dating business. The logo at this time was an oval, showing the Tonka Trucks name in red above waves, presumably honoring nearby Lake Minnetonka. Trucks, the cost of servicing the debt meant Tonka itself had to find a buyer and tonka dating eventually acquired trucks Hasbro in.

Tonka Toys Identification Guide | Cheat Sheet

It was the original tonka of the Pound Puppies tonka line, and in the late s licensed products inspired by Maple Town. Tonka produced video games , including Tonka Raceway , and purchased the rights to distribute and market the Sega Master System tonka Sega of America stopped competing against the Nintendo Entertainment System in the U. However, trucks Master System's dating share declined, since Tonka didn't have experience with video games or how to market them. Hasbro sold the digital gaming rights for various properties including My Little Pony , Magic:.

Fifteen video games based on the toys were released between and.

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In , an animated movie based on the trucks faq line was in development. From Wikipedia, the trucks encyclopedia. For other uses, see Tonka disambiguation. This article is missing information about a Antique transfer deal between Hasbro and Funrise. Please expand the article dating include this information. Further details may exist on the trucks page.

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January 22, January 22,. The New York Times. February 1, February 1,. Archived from the original on April 17,. National Toy Hall of Fame. Micronauts Mighty Muggs Mr.

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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Nerf Playskool Tonka Electronics Tonka. It does make for a variation but doesn't affect value. One would like to believe that extra inserts were always available. Apparently, that was not the case. Down time was thus minimized and cab production numbers could be maximized. Tread width increased over the eleven year production run of Tonka's Gas Turbine trucks.