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  2. How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring?
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Failing to do so is a codevio and likely to cause a fire. I bought a 2 Lamp ballast and it has 2 yellows coming from the same side as the black and white wires and 2 red with 2 blue coming from the other end.

How to Wire a T8 Ballast

The ballast that I replaced had 2 red coming from one side and 1 white, 1 black, and 1 blue coming from the other end. The 2 red went to one side of the tube and the blue and the white went to the other side, where the white also connected with the common. The black of course went to the hot. For the new ballast, I hooked 1 red and 1 blue to the side of the tube that the old 2 reds went to and 1 yellow to the other side.

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Then black with black and white with white. Light works fine now, instant on and off. I have a garage with 4 t 8 foot fixtures with two lamps each.

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  4. Ballast are costly, and I have changed one fixture to an electronic ballast. I am adding to the last post where a two lamp ballast is used for one lamp. I have three magnetic 2-lamp ballasts that have only one line each working ie one lamp lights up, also checked the OHM readings. Following alone the line of the previous post, it appears that I can install two ballast in one fixture lots of room where each 2-lamp ballast only has one line working.

    The input to each may be a challenge, but the independent output to each lamp is simple. Working out the input now. Great way to keep semi-defunct ballasts out of landfills a little longer, if it works and postpone expenses. I had the same scenario, and purchased the exact same type of ballast and asked the Home Depot some questions and he said it will work but, again I was sent to the same diagram.

    How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring?

    This will work for the single tube light! Wiring this can be done a number of ways. If you had a double-lamp fixture with it's double-lamp ballast and two lamps hooked up and running, and then one of the bulbs burned out early, the other one would still work fine. This happens all the time and is no big emergency.

    Look up at the ceiling almost anywhere the store, schools etc.

    Chances are, sure, there's one or two dark ones here or there. No one calls the fire department or the code inspection officer if one of the bulbs is burned out. So logically, if you planned it this way you'd have a two-lamp ballast, but would only hook up one bulb.

    Cap off the other wires that would go to the other lamp. Electrically, a dead, burned out lamp is the same thing as capping off the wires. So take your ballast and stick it in there, hook up a bulb, and you'll be in business.

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    Ballast Wiring Tips and Tricks | earigtrannati.gq

    As for labels, and hard-core authority and electrical police - well come on. Mattress tags that must not be removed. Shampoo bottles that demand you use it twice. NEC Codes, Commercial regulations, state laws and Federal mandates and written by people, updated by people, some continued and some discarded when proven not useful. Some codes are written for no other reason except to generate revenue for the local labor and manufacturers. If you say "I'd like to purchase a ballast that will power just one bulb", someone will take a two lamp ballast, snip two of the wires and box it all back up professional-looking, and sell it to you for twice or three times the price, but it will say "Approved" on it with a fresh sticker.

    So - you do have to use your head and think - think - think. Sometimes the answer is "You Can". Use the appropriate size driver bit and a cordless driver, or use the appropriate hand tool, to remove any screws holding the housing in place. Do not discard the housing. Hold a non-contact voltage tester next to all of the wires in the fixture to ensure that there is no voltage present. If you find voltage, check that you have turned off the correct breaker. A helper may be necessary to flip breakers for you while you test for voltage.

    Remove any wire connectors from the black and white circuit wires coming from the electrical box to which the fluorescent light is mounted. These are the wires coming from the ceiling or wall providing V power from the house panel. Also remove any wire connectors that may be present between the old ballast's wires and the wires leading to the light sockets.

    These wires are often red, blue and yellow.

    Tech Specs

    The exact combination of wires will depend on the type of ballast that was present in the fixture. Check the type of the original ballast. If you are replacing a T8 ballast, the wiring of the old ballast should be the same as that on the new ballast. If the old ballast was a different type, the wiring in the fixture, including the wires leading to the sockets, may need to be replaced or adapted.

    The sockets themselves may need to be replaced. If you are unsure about the compatibility of the fixture and your T8 ballast, consult a lighting technician.

    Remove the old ballast by backing out the mounting screws holding the ballast in place. These screws may have nuts attached or the screws may be threaded into tapped holes. Check the position of the mounting screw holes of the new ballast against the position of the holes on the old ballast. If the holes differ, drill and tap new holes that coincide with the position of the holes on the new ballast. Use screws to mount the new ballast to the fixture. Take care to not obscure the entrance hole for the V supply wires with the ballast. Connect the black and white wires from the house circuit cable to the black and white wires leading from the ballast, using wire connectors.

    The Keystone Difference

    There should also be a red and blue set of wires on the ballast. Connect the red ballast wire to both of the red wires leading from the lamp sockets.

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    • Ballast Wiring Tips and Tricks!

    Connect each of the blue wires leading from the sockets to one of the blue wires on the ballast. Replace the ballast housing. Replace the bulbs and any lens, if present. Restore power to the circuit and check the operation of the new ballast by switching on the light. Mount the new fixture to the ceiling or wall. You may need to remove the ballast housing to access the mounting holes. Make sure the fixture is safely mounted, either to the ceiling joists, wall studs or with a code-approved electrical box designed to support a fluorescent light.

    Examine the new light fixture: A new T8 fluorescent lamp should already have the sockets and ballasts wired in the proper configuration.