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Men love to be surprised. Especially if it involves a lot of hands touching everywhere, tongue and lips all over and steamy friction at erogenous zones on your body. So, one day when he comes over or you go over to his, attack him with a passion.

Spend a good amount of time in foreplay, crash yourself into walls and furniture and fumble your way eventually to the bed, couch, kitchen counter etc. Most people feel awkward bringing up their sexual preferences and critiquing one another on what could have been better. By being open and talking about sex what you like, what you want to try, asking him the same , you open up a very intimate dialogue with your man. It appeals to their sensitive egos.

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Complimenting him is how you show you admire him. If he looks sexy in jeans, tell him. If he can make you laugh like no one else, let him know. If he can cook mean pancakes, gush about it and even post his creation all over social media.

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A man greatly admires a woman who has her own life and feels as passionate about it as she does about him. The best way to impress him is to have a life of your own. Is it to graduate from University and land a great job? Is it to lose 20 pounds? Is it to increase profits on your business? Goal setting is such an important part of personal development and confidence building.

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Most women are scared their man will forget about them or be flirted with by other woman. You must inherently know: Most men are quite traditional when it comes to relationships. They prefer a woman who can cook. He just needs to know you care about him. Food is one way a woman can show she cares for him.

10 ways to make him miss you

Text bombing is where you send text after text without waiting for the other person to respond. Once again this comes back down to confidence. A lot of times women who feel insecure feel this way because they fail to establish rules and standards. I encourage every single woman to practice open transparency about your relationship from the get-go. That means both of you, out of respect, should always keep the other person informed as to: This information should be freely volunteered.

The reason why this is about respect is that relationships must be built on trust and communication. Doubt, uncertainty and lack of information will contribute to lowering trust. He may have commitment issues. You will have forgotten that you are your own person in life on your own path and, that no matter how scary it can be at times, you are the only one who you will be with every second of your life. We miss the people whom we have the most fun with. This includes in and out of the bedroom. In other words, you need to create the healthiest relationship you can. Hope does nothing for your relationship.

Relationships take work to stay healthy. Our sense of smell can remind us of the best and worst times. When it comes to memories, it is the sense mostly closed linked to our experiences. It can bring us back to a wonderful memory and cause us to miss something or someone from that memory. You may want to have a unique scent for your date nights and one for your holidays, or you may want to have a unique scent for when you get busy in the bedroom.

That scent can be lightly sprayed on something when you are gone, and if he catches a whiff of it, you will be the first thing to enter his mind. The more he associates that scent with good times, the more he will miss you. Make a sensuous kiss or a loving hug your goodbye routine. Leaving on a high note will linger in both your minds and cause you to both look forward to seeing each other again. Think about the times when you are fighting. Do you really want to see him again and snuggle up with him? Do you think he wants to see you? Bad feelings make distance a relief. Good feelings make distance more of a pain than a pleasure, which will make him want to be around you again.

How To Give Him Space So That He Misses You And Comes Back

Remind him that you have a life outside of your relationship and send him pics or videos of you having fun either by yourself or with other people. Doing this will keep you in his mind as he thinks about how much he enjoys being around you. You can even send pics or videos of inside jokes that you have. It will help you feel more connected, even though you are apart, and remind him of why he enjoys being around you too.

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He will miss you when he feels that connection and realizes that he has to wait hours or even days to see you again. Being supportive is a great way to remind him of why he is in a relationship with you and enjoys being around you. Therefore, when he rants about his jerk boss or complains about where he is at, be supportive. Respond in a supportive way. Be on his side. Doing that will make him wish that you — the one person who always gets him and supports him — was by his side. Form a closer bond by sharing new experiences together that will make you miss your time together when you have to be apart.

Yes, finding routine activities that you can do together is a great tip on how to make him miss you when you are not around to do them with him, but doing something new can add a ton of excitement in your relationship that makes you stand out more to each other than when you do the same thing day in and day out. It can reignite the spark that you once you felt and create that longing to be together like you had when you first started dating.

Therefore, go on vacation together. Try a new activity together. Go to a class together.

Spend time learning and growing together.